Shift4Good - 
we support entrepreneurs to change the world


Shift4Good is an AMF registered Private Equity fund manager dedicated to Impact Investing in the smart mobility & circular economy sectors. 

Focus on Series A and Series B rounds

Investment Ticket Size: between US$4m and US$20m per company.


Geographies: With teams based in Paris and Singapore, we mostly focus on European and South East Asian opportunities. 

Positioning: Hands-on investor with strong value add capabilities and extensive networks  to support the entrepreneurs we are backing in the fields of business development, technical expertise and international expansion.  


Our equity-only funds are backed by corporate, institutional, and private investors who genuinely understand the urgency of the environmental crisis we are in.

Shift4Good Fund I is launching soon.


Reducing the environmental impact of mobility, at scale.

We handpick start-ups which have the potential to move the needle in fighting climate change.

We believe that the world’s greatest climate challenges will be solved by supporting ambitious and ultra-talented entrepreneurs. Their companies will drive the lasting and scalable changes leading to slashing  the GreenHouse Gas emissions and air pollution heating up our planet.


We want to support these entrepreneurs, provide them with capital, value-add networks and expertise to accelerate that transition towards a renewable and regenerative economy.