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Reduce CO2 Emissions and Other Negative Environmental Impacts Associated With The Transportation Sector

Shift4Good Fund I is registered under Article 9 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). 

The fund is committed to make 100% of sustainable investments.

Impact investment strategy

Adhering to Impact investing framework


Shift4good intentionality is to invest in startups that will create environmental impact alongside financial returns


Impact measurement requires a clear understanding and definition of the impact goals


Additionality is the action or contribution of the investor that enables the startup to increase the positive impact generated

Providing strong support to our startups

At Investment

Through a proprietary Impact screening process, startups are assessed to ensure that the execution of their business plan will lead to a meaningful and measurable positive impact on the environment

Close Support To Portfolio Companies

The Shift4Good team and the Impact Committee are dedicated to supporting portfolio companies in maximizing their positive impacts, which are monitored through Impact KPIs

At Exit

50% of the carried interest of the fund is tied to the achievement of Impact (KPIs)

Shift4Good Impact Committee

Shift4Good Impact Committee assists the investment team in decision-making related to impact at the investment level.

The committee ensures portfolio companies align with impact goals and guides the fund in creating positive environmental change.


Tima Bansal

Professor and Research Chair of business sustainability at the Ivey Business School in Canada.

Rodolphe Durand

Purposeful Leadership Chair at HEC-Paris ; Founder and academic director of the S&O institute.