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Singapore start-up Pyxis debuts fully electric passenger vessel and launches trial for first public electric harbor craft charging point


Pyxis is at the forefront of Singapore’s transition to sustainable maritime transportation, spearheading initiatives to introduce electric harbor craft and passenger vessels.

On March 27, Pyxis unveiled the X Tron, the first in a series of electric port passenger vessels made by Pyxis called Pyxis One. With its innovative design and sustainable features, the X Tron represents Pyxis’ commitment to providing cleaner and greener maritime solutions. Equipped with a two-hull catamaran design for stability and boasting a range of up to 50 nautical miles, the X Tron sets a new standard for electric vessels in the region.

In parallel, in collaboration with SP Mobility, Pyxis launched a trial for the first public electric harbor craft charging point at Marina South Pier. This initiative aims to develop a national electric harbor craft charging infrastructure, leveraging Pyxis’ expertise in electric vessel technology. The charging infrastructure, featuring a 150 kW fast charger and a cable management system, caters to vessels like Pyxis’ own X Tron, a fully electric passenger workboat.

Pyxis’ ambitious plans extend beyond the X Tron, with the company aiming to deliver over 100 electric vessels across the Asia-Pacific region by 2030. This commitment underscores Pyxis’ pivotal role in driving innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector, aligning with Singapore’s push for cleaner energy solutions and regulations mandating the adoption of electric or low-emission vessels by 2030.

As Pyxis continues to lead the charge towards greener maritime transportation, its collaborative efforts with industry partners, government agencies, and maritime stakeholders serve as a testament to both Singapore’s and Shift4Good’s commitment to a more sustainable maritime future.

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