Embedded AI for autonomous vehicle



Teraki’s software enables to reduce edge compute requirements of autonomous vehicles, thereby allowing such vehicles to be operated in a scalable and low-emissions manner

Why We Invested In TERAKI

Teraki can increase energy efficiency of autonomous driving technology in vehicles, forklifts, robots and trains, thereby lowering energy consumption and emissions

“TERAKI minimize edge compute demands for autonomous vehicles, paving the way for scalable and eco-friendly operations”. 

Daniel Richart, CEO 


CO2 Reduction for ADAS vehicles equipped Teraki’s software

Teraki's software significantly contributes to CO2 reduction in autonomous vehicles by efficiently processing data, leading to decreased power consumption and extended battery range.

CO2 reduction for non-automotive objects equipped with Teraki’s software

Non-automotive objects comprises: Forklifts, trains and robots. With Teraki, 5G-enabled performance requires less energy than the typical centralized processing unit of 100Wh