Maritime Fleet Electrification

By developing electric vessels, Pyxis is accelerating the transition from fuel-dependent vessels to electrified ones.

Why We Invested In Pyxis

Pyxis contributes to the decarbonization of the maritime industry through coastal fleet electrification.

“Many small and medium maritime businesses lack the expertise and resources to navigate this shift towards greener solutions, and they risk falling behind in the new green economy. Pyxis was birthed as a beacon for these companies to not only embrace change, but also to thrive in it.”

– Tommy Phun, CEO


Carbon reduction through electrification of vessels

Electric vessels result in up to 28% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to diesel-powered vessels even after accounting for emissions in traditional battery production.

Proprietary fleet management and optimization Platform

One-stop application for electrification management system, provides functions such as route optimization which helps reduce energy requirements.