Micro-mobility Insurance

Online and transparent collective insurance platform for bicycle

Why We Invested In Laka

Laka has a significant impact on e-bikes adoption to replace thermal vehicles

“Providing a transparent collective insurance offering for bikes and e-bikes to accelerate the shift towards clean modes of transport.” – Tobias Taupitz, CEO & Co-founder 

Increase adoption of e-bikes and reduce car usage

E-bike users are likely to replace some/all of car journeys using their e-bikes (and cargo bike users are likely to replace small van uses). The greater the number of avoided car journeys, the lower the GHG footprint of the individual.

Reduce emissions from manufacturing new bikes/part

Claims generate bike replacement or repair hence claims are not good in absolute terms for the environment. Laka, by working on better recovery of stolen bikes together with its partners, will have a positive impact on claims’ theft ratio per customer