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Shift4Good Backs Pyxis to create mass commercialisation and adoption of electric coastal vessels

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We are excited to confirm Shift4Good’s investment in Pyxis, a Singapore-based maritime electrification tech start-up.

We led this S$4.5m round alongside Motion Ventures, and Pyxis also secured participation of Enterprise Singapore’s investment arm SEEDS Capital, MarImpact, ShipsFocus, strategic marine operators and local firms including Tian San Shipping, Kim Ann Investments and LCC Resources.

Coastal vessels are very strong candidates for electrification since the range limitations of electric batteries are less of a concern. In Singapore alone, there are about 1,200 coastal vessels that could become electric by 2030. The market opportunity is huge, and we can’t wait to see the launch of Pyxis’s first vessels in Singapore very soon.

Find out Pyxis’ full press release here