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Introducing Sinay’s Developer’s Platform: Unlocking Precise Maritime Insights with Powerful APIs

Sinay, a groundbreaking startup in the maritime industry, has just launched its Developer’s Platform, offering a range of powerful APIs designed to provide developers with precise maritime insights. With their cutting-edge AI algorithms and advanced machine learning capabilities, Sinay’s APIs enable developers to leverage vast amounts of data from various sources, including vessel positions, weather conditions, currents, wildlife, and more. By computing, combining, and analyzing this data, Sinay’s Developer’s Platform delivers key performance indicators that help clients make informed decisions and optimize their maritime operations.

The Developer’s Platform offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients:

1. Free Plan – This entry-level plan allows developers to make 500 API calls per month. It includes access to Sinay’s API ETA, API CO2, API Port Congestion, and API Noise. With these APIs, developers can access real-time vessel estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions, monitor carbon emissions per twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU), obtain information on port congestion worldwide, and measure sound exposure levels for vessels.

2. Pro Plan – Designed for more demanding use cases, the Pro Plan provides developers with 10,000 API calls per month. This plan offers all the features of the Free Plan but with a significantly higher call volume, allowing developers to scale their applications and cater to a larger user base.

3. Enterprise Plan – Sinay’s Enterprise Plan is a customizable option tailored to meet the unique needs of individual clients. This plan allows businesses to work closely with Sinay’s team to create a solution that aligns precisely with their requirements. By leveraging the full potential of Sinay’s APIs and expertise, clients can unlock unparalleled insights and gain a competitive edge in the maritime industry. Explore the Developer’s Platform