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Thierry de Panafieu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

I grew up in France, in Paris, and moved to Singapore in 1995. In 1997, I moved to London, where I stayed before coming back to Singapore in 2011.​

I started working in private equity in 1998 and have not stopped ever since. While in London, I was with GMT Communications Partners, Lion Capital, and Vision Capital, investing mainly throughout Europe in various sectors.

In 2011, I went back to Singapore and co-founded Hera Capital, investing around US$50m in 14 companies, and supported, as an active board member various management teams, leading numerous fund-raising or full exit processes for Hera Capital’s portfolio companies.

What I Love Doing

I love to promote change and find that investing can be a powerful conduit for change when done hand-in-hand with the entrepreneur, with a true alignment of vision and interests. I also love to try to make a difference, and this is what Shift4Good is about: re-thinking the way venture capital investing is done and using finance as a force for positive impact.


Master’s in finance from Essec business school, edX Circular Economy, Cambridge Business Sustainability Management.