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Shift4Good Invests in LAKA, a Green Mobility Insurtech Firm, Marking Its 8th Investment in 12 Months

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Happy to share that we have just invested in Laka! This is our 8th investment in 12 months, since the launch of Shift4Good.

Founded in 2017, and headquartered in the UK, Laka is an insurtech company focused on the micro-mobility segment. It significantly boosts the usage of bikes and e-bikes by offering specialized insurance and bike replacement services.

Its insurance product follows an innovative and rather unique “collective-driven-insurance” model where cover is based on the cost of claims. Laka’s clients pay for what they need: no upfront premium, with claims being shared every month among its community of bikers.

We see Laka as a strong enabler in the micro-mobility sector, pushing the adoption of bikes and e-bikes and reducing the usage of cars.

Today, Laka is focusing on pedal bikes, e-bikes, and e-cargo bikes in Europe, but we believe they have the potential to expand and become a leading global green micro-mobility insurer.

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