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Shift4Good Backs NEU Battery Materials in Green Mobility Revolution


Shift4Good has just invested in NEU Battery Materials, a Singapore-based lithium-ion battery recycling startup. NEU Battery Materials raised an oversubscribed US$3.7M in Seed Funding round.

Their sustainable redox targeting technology revolutionizes battery recycling, reducing toxic waste and using electricity as the sole consumable. This method enables the wider adoption of sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling. With Europe recycling only 1% of lithium in batteries currently, and the EU’s Green Deal targeting 80% recovery by 2031, the market potential is enormous.

The investment accelerates NEU Battery Materials’ growth strategy, expanding into new markets and enhancing their Singapore facility’s capabilities. Shift4Good’s support reflects our commitment to green mobility and investing in companies driving positive change in the industry. This partnership aims to advance sustainable mobility solutions and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Find out the full press release here